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The history of the Caglioni foundry tells about the passion for an ancient job, that of founding, and reveals an endless research for quality and technological innovation. These two aspects merge in its present reality and take the form of a foundry highly specialised in the third party production of raw castings in sand from non-ferrous metal alloys of bronze and aluminium.

In 1902, the company was a point of reference for the art sector, while today it offers its know-how to any manufacturing industry for any kind of application: from shipbuilding to a wide range of industrial fields (chemical and petrochemical plants, desalinization plants, power stations). The productive flexibility goes hand in hand with the quality of the made-in-Italy, to be seen in any realization made.

The installation of new plants, the periodic training for the staff, the compliance with all safety and environmental standards make the Caglioni foundry a supplier of excellence, with whom to team up, grow and innovate one’s market share.

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