We foster
our passions

Since 2018, Fonderia Caglioni has chosen to become a sponsor of several leading sports associations in the Bergamo area.

An ongoing and growing project, which testifies to the company's passion and commitment to this sector. The values of sport are those of well-being, team spirit, competition, self-improvement and perseverance: all principles to which Fonderia Caglioni is committed and which they wish to share and promote wherever possible. Starting here.


A long-standing sports club founded in 1950, Rugby Bergamo is committed to training men and women to perform at their best on the field and in life.

Fonderia Caglioni fully embraces its values of loyalty, sense of responsibility, commitment and determination. This is why in 2018 they decided to strongly support the activities of Rugby Bergamo, which over the years has become a real point of reference for the Orobic area, with over 400 players from 6 to 60 years of age, for a total of 12 teams.


The Agonistica Valsabbia Giudicarie Ski Club has for years been a centre of aggregation capable of bringing many young and very young people closer to the world of skiing, offering courses that start with the first training sessions up to the pre-competitive and competitive levels.

The combination of fun and competition, so important in fostering true sporting passion, is enhanced by the many initiatives and competitions organised by the association, which Fonderia Caglioni is proud to sponsor since 2021.